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Post by Shadow on Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:30 pm

a rp me and eb are doing about a vampire and a werewolf
tw for sex, blood-drinking, and cursing

day 1:

It's dark, a moonless night with clouds covering the sky, but Selene doesn't mind. She can see just fine, and her pupils aren't even dilated. They don't need to be. Her new vision allows her to see much better than ever before- and thank god for that. Having to wear hipster glasses purely so that she was able to see may have matched her style, but it was annoying. Thank god she's dead now. Being a vampire is so fucking cool.

The only downside is the hunger raging through her. Whoever bit her, did so and disappeared while she slumped to the ground dead. Luckily, no one found her body before she awoke as a creature she thought was a myth. She feels so empty, and really, there are only two solutions for that. Blood is one, and sex is obviously the other. Maybe she'll find a nice girl at the club to fuck and then feed from. That sounds like the perfect idea. Besides, vampires are supposed to be sexy, right? She's not just an adorable pastel goth hipster with pink hair anymore, she's a badass creature of the night. She's gonna get all the bitches.

She can't resist a squeal of excitement, and she flaps her hands around, hugging herself. She'll have to find her sire and thank him, because jesus christ this is the best thing ever. How can she be depressed anymore when she's going to live forever and drink blood? She loves the taste of blood, she used to lick her own from the cuts she made in her arms. A bit creepy, maybe, but it tasted good. It'll probably taste even better with her new super senses and the fact that she gets to drink from someone /else/.

Adjusting her clothes- and wiping the blood off her neck, thank god she wore a scarf- Selene heads to her favorite club. It only takes her a moment to pick her prey, a pretty girl with a nice rack and blue hair. All she'll have to do is bare her fangs and the girl will totally swoon into her arms, and then she can feast. She gestures to the barkeeper, an ex of hers, and sends a blue drink to match her prey's hair over to her. Mission, start.

Zara mutters to herself underneath her breath. How dare that son of a bitch break up with her? Good for nothing demon; bah, he wasn't even that good anyways. She almost wants to shift and tear something apart- or screw someone. Yeah, that sounds good too. When the bartender brings her a drink she stares in confusion. "Courtesy of the girl."

She glances over to the girl- a pretty Vampire and smirks. This will be fun, screw her and leave. She gets up and wanders over to the girl, and placing an arm around her shoulders she murmurs softly in her ear, "So what's a pretty little thing like you doing all the way over her by yourself?" She smells pretty damn nice too.

Selene pulls back, wrinkling her nose and sneezing once in a jerky motion that pops her neck. The girl she'd chosen as her prey smells... musky, and animalistic. It's not an unpleasant smell, but it's strong and somewhat confusing. Whatever, it's just a human. She can deal with her, have a nice fuck, and then drink her blood. What she smells like doesn't matter or mean anything.

She winks, twisting out of her grasp in a blur and putting her arm over the girl to whisper in her ear with cold breath, "Looking for other pretty girls, what else?" She looks her up and down, approving of her skinny jeans and gothic attire, before reaching out to take her hand with a sweet smile. "Wanna get out of here, honey?

She grins mischievously,"I'm down to get out of here." She lengthens her fangs ever so slightly, wondering if the girl knows what exactly she is, and puts her arm around the vamps waist, playfully biting her neck before leading her out of the club. "My place is pretty close...if you'd like to go there darlin?"

Wow, okay, no. Selene is meant to be the one doing the biting in this relationship, not this bitch. She feels slightly uncomfortable with the combination of the musk and sharp teeth, but really. What else could this girl be than another vampire- which she's not, vamps smell cold and sickly sweet- it's not like every supernatural creature exists in the world or anything. That would be silly.

She clutches her hand, and leans over to scrape her fangs over Zara's neck in return, to even the power. A bit of blood drips from the wound, and she licks it off before returning to walking by her and looking completely innocent. "That sounds perfect..."

Zara flinches ever so slightly, but then grins. She leads the girl down a nearby alleyway then swings around a corner. They continue in for a few till they come to a rather large house. "My home." The door is made of mahogany and it opens easily. "Hehe ladies first."

Selene breezes past her, giving her a bright grin. Her fangs are visible with that, but oh well. She doesn't care, this girl (she should really get her name so she knows what to moan when they fuck) has sharp teeth too, and she's becoming more and more sure that she's decidedly not a human, even if she's unsure what else she could be. She always believed in supernatural things and magic, and being turned into a vampire proved that they existed.

She pauses, stretching in a way she knows shows her off to best advantage and makes her top ride up to the bottom half of her bra. She'll put on a show, and give her a nice night before she drains the blood from her body.

Zara grins when she sees the bottom of the girls bra. "You know, I didn't even catch your name...I'm Zara..and you are?" She smiles while tilting her head ever so slightly.

"Selene, at your service." It appears that somehow, while her arms were up, her top made it's way off, tossed to land unceremoniously on the banister behind her. Her shorts dip low on her hips, showing a peek of lace panties that match her bra. She takes a curtsey, bringing her hand out and offering it for Zara to take and lead her to the bedroom.

With an evil smile Zara leads Selene to the bedroom. "Right this way darlin." Once inside she slowly pulls her shirt off and kisses Selene roughly, pinning her to the wall.

Selene sinks her fangs into Zara's lower lip, nibbling at them and licking the blood away. Her legs are hooked around Zara's waist, and she's holding herself up against the wall with her back alone. Apparently super-strength is good for sex, who would've thunk?

She doesn't have to break the kiss to pant for air, another unforseen advantage to being dead. Their tongues are tangled together, and the kiss got bloody fast, just making it hotter. She rocks her hips towards Zara's and tugs on the blue hair roughly, a silent demand for more.

Zara moans and growls softly. She runs her hand over the girls throat and trails her nails to her waist. Ever so gently she scratches from her stomach back up to her chest, Not drawing too terribly much blood or going too deep. Wouldn't want to kill the girl by mistake.

Keening, Selene lets her grip relax, sliding down the wall an inch or so and throwing her head back. It hits the wall, of course, provoking another moan. What can she say, she /really/ likes pain. She looks at her torso and smiles up at Zara, licking what's left of her blood from her own lips. It's oddly spicy, and reminds her of nothing so much as pepper.

With a soft gasp, she runs her painted nails over the open wounds, playing with the edges and getting blood all over her fingers. It looks lovely against the black of her nails, and she holds them up for Zara to see, and perhaps bite.

Mmm another little masochist like her. She's starting to like this chick even more. She playfully bites her fingers, licking the blood off of them. The blood tastes good, a bit different than what she's normally used to but still good. Zara runs her hand over Selene's stomach then up to her chest. Her blood smudges slightly and gets on her bra. With a mischievous smile she slowly licks her bra and breasts.

Oh, that was unfairly hot. The tongue swirling around her fingers is sensuous in a way, and she's filled with the sudden urge to pet Zara's hair and call her a good dog. What can she say, she likes the kinkiness of being cut open and having the blood licked off, and her moans show it.

Her head rests back against the wall, and she slips a little, falling lower as her breasts are licked. With a minimum of contortion, she manages to get one hand behind her and tug at the clasp, the lacy garment falling to the ground. The bitemarks from her turning open and start to bleed again with her panting. She still feels horribly empty, and she needs something in her and blood right fucking now.

Zara slowly licks the vamp girl from her chest down to her stomach. With an evil grin she kisses her stomach then her mouth. She runs her hands through Slenes hair getting a hand tangled in it. The blood smears on her slightly and she bites her lip drawing more blood.

Selene gasps for a breath that stirs dead lungs and heart, and her excitement makes her swear that for that moment her heart beat again. Mayhap she's being overdramatic, but the whole being dead and now this, well, she has a right to be excited. She's very conscious of how much damage this girl could do- and part of her mind screams that she's an enemy and she should run- but it only turns her on more. The blood seeping out of her lip hits her tongue, drawing out another moan. The flavor bursts in her mouth and fills her hunger, for a moment. It wears off quickly though, and she twines her fingers through blue hair and /tugs/. "G'na tease me all night, Zara?"

"Ohhh so tempted to.." She kisses hard slamming Selenes head against the wall. The trails her hand down her chest and stomach slowly unbuttoning her pants, then pulling them down. She gently runs her fingers over Selenes thigh slightly teasing her.

"Don, don't you dare." It's terribly hard to get out legible words when your head is slammed against a wall and a pretty monster girl of some sort is running her fingers down your thigh, Selene thinks. Not that she's complaining, but goddamn, she's totally ready to have something in her. She spreads her legs wider, managing to rut her hips just right onto the fingers. Pity her panties are still in the way, but that's a problem that gets fixed as Zara bites through her panties, the snap of teeth close to her parts exciting and terrifying her.

Zara smirks and shifts her head, licking teasing stripes from the girl's parts to her stomach, up and down with the raspy flat of her tongue, making Selene moan and squirm, panting out words in a variety of garbled tongues. "D-delactavit, amor,- ahhh~"

She's shut up by Zara's tongue delving into her, cutting off her grammatically incorrect latin. Fucking hipsters, man. Still, she doesn't shut up, babbling out broken phrases and confessions of love for this girl she barely knows, just because she's getting eaten out. What a drama queen.

Zara smirks slightly, damn these Vamps are fun to play with. She's enjoying this maybe more than Selene is, flicking her tongue against spots in her and purring as she squirms, impaled on the muscle inside her. When Selene comes with a cry and a moan, she pulls back, wiping her mouth and smirking, letting the vamp fall to the floor with a thump. She done gooood, and hell, she doesn't even need an orgasm after that. She's satisfied enough.

Selene's thoughts are hazy, but she still manages to blink the colorful spots from her vision and roll over in the bed (how did she even get in here? Did Zara drag her?) to rest her chin on Zara's shoulder. She's just cuddling in her post-sex afterglow, right? Wrong. She has a fucking plan. Even though that was fabulous sex, she's still hungry. She mouths at Zara's neck, giving her a quick mark that flushes darkly, and then sinks her fangs into it.

Zara twitches briefly and blinks her eyes open. The room swims slightly and she growls at the pain in her neck. Her words are slightly slurred. "W-what are you doing?" She feels extremely drowsy, her head lolling on her shoulders a bit.

Smirking into the bite, Selene pulls off with a lewd noise and her tongue darts out to lick the blood trickling from the wound. Even when feeding, she can't resist the chance to make a snarky comment. "Eating you. Or would you prefer I moved /down/ to do so?"

Zara growls then smirks a bit. "Well now that I wouldn't entirely mind." Her heart beats a bit faster as many different images fill her head. She wouldn't entirely mind the girl sticking around a bit longer...

Selene latches on again, alternately sucking and licking the blood. There's no reason her feeding shouldn't be nice for both of them. She's becoming rather fond of this girl, maybe she will eat her the other way too.

Zara gasps and twitches slightly. Gods that feels /nice/. She growls pleasantly and bares her fangs just a tiny bit. She runs her hand over Selenes back slowly. Scratching her ever so slightly.

Selene smiles, pulling away with blood painting her lips like lipstick. She drapes an arm over Zora, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips. The blood was maybe the tastiest thing she's ever had. Being a vamp is amazing.

Zara grins and kisses the little vampire back, running her tongue over the girls fangs. She likes this one. Most vampires would have tried to murder her by now...and she would have dispatched them easily. But this one is...different somehow.

It takes her a moment, but once it clicks, Selene wonders how she could have been so stupid. She knows what Zara is. She pets her hair idly, leaning back against the pillows. "Good dog."

Zara smirks slightly. "Oh so you finally figured that out Hmm?" She chuckles and kisses the vamp girl again.

Selene wraps her arm around Zara, scowling a bit but leaning into the other's warmth anyway. She's new to all this supernatural stuff, okay? It's not her fault.

Zara gently pets Selene. Oh her silly little one, she's so going to enjoy having her around. And as an added bonus this one doesn't know to kill her haha.
Selene falls asleep quickly, curling up on Zara's bare chest with a faint smile. This has been a wonderful day. turned into a vampire, found and fucked a cute girl, what else could she ask for? She has lovely dreams filled with sunshine that doesn't burn her.

Zara growls pleasantly and continues stroking Selene, her eyes fluttering closed gently. Tomorrow they're going to have such fun, find something to kill maybe find another cute girl to fuck....


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