Fantasy Group RP Part 1 Archived

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Fantasy Group RP Part 1 Archived

Post by Shadow on Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:50 pm

archive of the first parts of the rp, before we relocated it here.

>In the largest city of the empire

As the sun set, guards hurry through the street in a tight formation. An obvious new recruit flinches at every noise, and clutches at a charm hidden beneath his shirt as if it is the only thing holding him together. If he is caught with it he will be rounded up as one of the magic users they are hunting for, ostensibly to "register" them under the new law.

He sees a gleam of white, and jolts in shock as he met Nyx's eyes. They watch from the shadows, silently daring him to say something. The guard shakes his head, and hurries on. Another group can round them up later, or try to. They have smaller, weaker prey to catch. Anyone suspicious will not escape.

Hissing slightly to himself, Hack stares for a moment at this audacious creature licking the moonlight as if it didn't have a thing to worry about. He can't tell what it was but knows it is powerful enough to avoid the land's new laws without extra measurements.

Such as signing up with the city guard...

As he follows the other runts in formation he sighs heavily, finding their in-tune steps and ridiculous uniforms more pestering each day. It would take a good week to get himself out of this gig, he thinks to himself as he leaves the shadow-thingy's gaze, a chill going down his spine.

Felicity dives down an alleyway, unsure if the guards were after her or not. She presses her back to to the wall, trying to steady her breathing as she gathers her thoughts. She only got into town the previous day, they can't have possibly caught onto her already, could they? She sighs and walks down the alley, keeping her ears and eyes open in case someone was down there.

Zora silently follows the group of guards keeping just out of sight. One of them catches her attention, a rather obvious new recruit and a magick user at that. How these idiots can't tell when one of their quarry is among them she will never know. Smiling to herself Zora picks up a rather tiny rock and tosses it towards the lizardman. When he turns towards her with a confused expression she waves to him then turns and sprints down a nearby alleyway.

Felicity hides behind a heap of rubbish in the alleyway upon hearing footsteps going down the alleyway she is in. She listens intently, waiting for them to stop or run past. She clutches a small skull in her right hand, whispering extremely quietly.

Zora smiles to herself, thinking about the confusion and panic she may have just caused. As she is running she notices a small sound from behind a pile of rubbish. Any ordinary person would perhaps have not noticed this but Zora had trained as an assassin for many years and learned to notice every sound. Warily she peeks around the rubbish and sees a rather beautiful Nogitsune. She smiles slightly then continues her run down the alley, leaving the woman behind.

Nyx cocks their head to the side, watching as another creature enters their alley and runs towards them. They can feel magic crackling off them, and they unconciously tighten their death grip on their book. Their shadow wraps itself tightly around them, small tendrils sneaking out of it to wait by vital points of the others.

Once Zora has left the woman a few feet behind she notices an odd creature a ways away from her. She can feel the dark energy radiating off of them and she pauses. The being is cloaked in shadow and carries an unusual book with them, Zora has been taught to fear nothing so she approaches them, sword drawn in case they decide to attack her.

Nyx mimics the wolf's posture, and keeps their shadows steady and behind the animal's neck. If forced, they could decapitate her in an instant. Their voice soft and devoid of emotion, they give a warning. "I mean you no harm, unless you harm me. Keep moving, beast."

Beast? Well now Zora had been called many things before but that had to be a new one. She sheathes her sword and smiles to herself. She continues past them out the alley, before she runs off she looks at them once more. "I caused a bit of a disturbance back there, guards might be on their way just so you're aware." Before they have a chance to respond, if they even would have, she runs off down the road.

After getting an unexpected pebble to the head Hack turned around to see some cheeky wolf woman waving at him, magic practically seeping off of her. Gone as quickly as she'd thrown that rock she vanished down an alley, leaving Hack slightly out of formation and growling irritably to himself.

"I begin to wonder whether I should reconsider my empathy policy..." He hissed.

Only a march and a half later did the formation suddenly stop, one of the spies from mid town came crawling over and whispered something to the captain. With his superior hearing Hack heard the words; "We found her sir...".

Felicity puts the skull back in the small back she has with her and stands up, brushing herself off when she feels no-one else besides the shadow being is in the alleyway. She does her best to ignore the possible presence she may feel and heads out of the alleyway, glancing either way before trying to blend into the crowd.

After running down the road for a few minuets Zora begins to slow. She looks about, wondering if and when the guards will arrive. She smells the man that had been hanging around and ducks into the shadows. Her ears twitch slightly and she listens Intently. "We found her sir..." Her? She smiles slightly. Perhaps they are looking for her, or maybe that Nogitsune is wrapped up in something as well. She winders how the dark creature fits into this as well..

With a few more words thrown in the guards start to get a little rowdy, their captain has a nasty grin on his face as he unsheathes his sword, much to Hack's disturbance. He definitely hadn't expected an actual witch hunt before he left town and now it seemed that one was inevitable.

Steeling his nerves for whatever was about to go down he made a quick check of his surroundings, the gate wasn't too far away, and if that failed he could always cause a distraction and scale the wall.

Either way, this would be his ticket out...

Felicity uses the crowds to hide from the guards and keep moving, curious about who they are looking for. Surely they aren't drawing their swords if they are after her? She keeps her eyes on the guards and hand on the bag/pouch she has, in case anyone tries to steal from her. As she kept her sights on the guards and they seemed happy to hunt another poor magic user. She analyses the guards, though the lizardman at the back seems a bit out of place. She pushes it to the back of her mind as they must have joined the guard to hunt or 'keep people safe' as they sometimes put it.

Nyx stays in their shadowy alley, seemingly unconcerned by the rowdiness of the guards. They have no reason to be afraid, and besides, the sun is still over the horizon. They aren't going out in that. They gather shadows around them, and prepare to strike.

They dislike laws and the guards that enforce them, so they might as well dispose of some of them. One at the back of the formation is pulled into his own shadow, without even having time to scream. Nyx smiles, and continues.

Felicity seems a little concerned that one of the guards seemingly disappeared suddenly, but pays no heed to it currently, focusing on the other guards and their intentions. Her hand starts to open the bag as her eyes slowly turn purple, whispering quietly.

After determining that it may be safe Zora blends into the crowd. Well blend may not be the right word, as her wings are rather noticeable.. She smiles to herself when she notices the little Nogitsune she had seen in the alley. Yes, definitely more beautiful when not surrounded by rubbish. The guards are getting rather rowdy and the Nogitsune doesn't seem to worry so it cannot be her that they're after. At the back of the group one of the guards vanishes but she doesn't concern herself with this oddity....but she does concern herself with another guard. He keeps glancing between the gate and the captain and smells almost scared. She makes a split second decision. In one effortless second she makes herself invisible and comes up behind the little lizardman. She puts a gloved hand over his mouth and drags him back into an alley. Her jet black wings enclose him softly and her breath tickles his neck as she whispers. "You know the guard isn't exactly the safest place for you...little Mage..."

Felicity watches the lizardman seemingly half slide backwards to an alleyway and out of curiosity she breaks from the crowd to move closer and listen. She makes sure to tread carefully and quietly as to not alert the people in the alleyway. Her hand is now rummaging quietly but quickly through the bag, her whispering becoming faster but is still quiet.

Without so much as a thought Hack's tail lashes instinctively and throws the winged wolf right off her feet, turning rapidly around to face her his heart is beating like a drum. "I prefer a title that won't get me killed..." He stammers as clearly as he can, unsheathing his sword with a skill unexpected from his stature.

"And I suggest you keep your mucky paws to yourself lady! Lest I alert my new pals..." Hack says and gestures to the nearby guards, who for some reason seem a bit fewer than they were a minute ago.

Felicity peers round the corner as subtly as her upright fox ears allow, interested in what might be going to happen. She thinks that she may get a chance to prove to people that magic has its place, even some of the darker arts. Refraining from pulling things from her bag yet, she holds onto something in the bag, prepared to pull it out.

Zora is briefly startled by this turn of events. Then she gets up and smiles. "Easy there friend. No need to get so...testy. Besides even if you did alert your friends I would slaughter them and you in a moment. In all honesty I'm helping you here. You want to escape, yes?" A familiar smell appears and she smiles when she notices the little Nogitsune. "I do not help many people...but for you I could make an exception. Now I'd advise putting that sword away."

Nervously and slowly Hack lowers the blade, panting slightly. His agitated state suddenly causing one his revealed charms to glow red, following this his eyes suddenly seem fiercer. His breathing ceases to be erratic and he calmly lowers the blade entirely. "And just what exactly have I done to earn this kind favor?" He asks coldly.

Zora crosses her arms and smiles. "No need to be so cold little one. You caught my attention. That rarely happens. One would have to be extremely brave or foolish to join up with the guard.." She pauses briefly. "Do you know who I am child?"

Nyx continues picking off the guards one by one, till the only one left is the lizardman dragged into the alley by the passing wolf. They're briefly disappointed they won't get to dispose of him as well, but surely the wolf girl will. They clasp their cloak around them, and melt into the shadows, only their eyes reappearing in the shadow of the Nogitsune. If the Nogitsune is hurt, they will be too, but that's of no concern. They don't feel pain from anything but bright light.

They're amused by the words of the lizardman, and the Nogitsune's shadow, where they lurk, shakes with their laughter.

"No...I don't, and quite frankly I don't care. All I care about is getting the heck outta here before it's too late." Hack snarks, still relatively calm. "And on the flip side, I don't trust all." As he speaks the red charm loses it's glow and Hack becomes less menacing along with it.

Felicity shudders and grips the thing in her bag more tightly as a chill passes down her spine. She steps into the alleyway, stopping the whispering. "I heard someone be referred to as a child, surely you cannot be that much older than them?" She tries to hide her shaky left hand behind her back as she speaks. The brightness of her eyes intensifies as she speaks, too.

Zora growls at the lizardman and grabs his throat. "I would not advise saying idiotic things like that again." She loosens her grip and steps back. "Innumerable pardons. I am just....angered easily. My name is Zora Whitefangs. I am surprised you do not know me." She turns to the Nogitsune. "Everyone is a child. Especially this one." She nods her head towards the lizardman. "Well now...what might I call you two?"

Felicity seems a bit startled by Zora's outburst, her right hand out of the bag clenched tightly around what seems to be a bunch of small bones. She slowly puts them back in her bag, "You call someone of over 2 centuries of age a child? You have studying to do." Felicity walks up and puts her hand on the Lizardman's shoulder, "You two need to calm down. I don't fancy drawing attention to this nice little gathering."

Her brows furrows briefly. "Over two...ah that would explain a few things.." She smiles faintly. "Trust me. Even if we did call attention to ourselves I eliminating people." She turns to face the lizardman. "I am truly sorry about that. Sometimes I forget myself." She tilts her head. "Is your head all right? From you know, when the rock hit it."

Hack rubs his throat slightly, though still with a cross look in his eye. "While the title of child likely won't get me killed, I find it demeaning. You can call me Hack, since my real name is lost to time and likely unpronounceable to you anyway..." Looking away from the crazy wolf Hack eyes the strange girl with fox ears sprouting from her cranium, tilting his head slightly in a quizzical manner.

"And you are...?"

Nyx watches silently, their laughter dying as they catalog the names and faces of the 3 before them, as well as what they know about them. They're still as a statue, not wanting to alert the Nogitsune they're there, or the other ones. They're not in the mood for a fight..

Nothing betrays their position but white eyes like a section of the shadow cut out.

Felicity waves awkwardly with her left hand shakily, "I'm Felicity." She slowly pulls her right hand out of her bag, though not holding anything anymore. "I um... Are you guys for or against magic...?"

Zora grins slightly. "All right so I won't call you child. How about sweetie or baby doll?" She laughs and twitches her wings as Hack glares at her. She continues to smile and turns to Felicity. "Against magick? No. My family were all born mages and I follow in their paw steps. Though this one I can't vouch for."

"Do I strike you as a guy with lawful motives?" Hack utters between his teeth, his tail lashing in irritation. "And since you're so fond of nicknames Miss Whitefangs, would you mind if I called you Fluffy?" He says, turning back to Zora, this time with a wide smirk on his face.

"Well, glad to see we are all being friendly down here, but don't you think it might be a bit suspicious that we three are down here with one of the city guards?" She glances back to check where the rest of them are, but doesn't see them. "They must have moved on, I guess." Sighing, she looks at Hack, "Am I good enough for a nickname, hun?"

Zora gags, "Ewww don't y'all get all lovey on me. And yes I'm fine being called fluffy. I've been called worse." She crosses her ams. "Look we should probably get moving. I have a place outside the city. Since you're so keen to escape I can help with that. Or stay here and get arrested I don't really care."

"You haven't seen what I can do. Chances are, most people on the side of mages are mages themselves and I plan in changing that. Though, people are scared of my magick for more than just what the law says." She starts to look down, reaching into her bag again and starting to whisper as if talking to herself. "Shhh... Don't let it get to you... They are just being mean, it isn't just you... Shhh... Don't snap, that is bad..." She continues to whisper this and other assorted things similar to it for a bit.

Hack grins again, this time even wider. As Zora turns her back on him he suddenly zips in front of her. "Oh really? You seemed awfully interested in me only a few moments ago, even though you had me by the neck."

Hack in the midst of riling Zora notices Felicity's strange muttering towards her bag. "So...what'd the bag say?"

Zora grabs Hack by the throat and slams him into one of the walls. "The only reason you're alive is my mate is not here to rip your throat out. Don't be an idiot. You seem a bit nice and I wouldn't want to kill you. Yet." She loosens her grip and turns to Felicity "Talking to a bag foxy girl? I think I like you already."

Felicity seems oblivious to what is being said, instead constantly whispering and seemingly focussed on something, despite there being nothing to focus on. Her breathing seems heavier too and she closed her eyes slowly.

Zora raises a brow and looks at Hack. "If I let you go are you gonna be an idiot still?"

Gasping for air beneath Zora's paw Hack says, "Sheesh! If this is you on regular basis I think I might just believe you concerning your mate..."

A few moments pass and when he realizes Zora isn't intent on letting him go he utters, "Alright fine! Just drop me already!"

Zora grins and lets him go. "You're cute when you think you're bad ass."

"Yeah because there's ample opportunities for badassery when you're held up against a wall..." Hack says before looking back to Felicity who's still seems to be in her trance. " alright?"

Felicity remains seemingly oblivious, the whispering slowling down and almost stopping. Though, she seems to be giving off a bit of a dark aura now, little twitches happening here and there.

Zora bops Hack with a wing. "Hush, she's busy."

Nyx would feel bad about what they're seemingly causing in the fox girl if they had many emotions. As it is, they feel a cold pity, and disdain for her weakness. They jump into the lizardman's shadow instead, and it ripples as they move.

After a short while, Felicity opens her eyes, but she remains silent. She looks at Hack and Zora, smiling a bit.

"Well that wasn't odd at all." Zora crosses her arms and looks at the girl. "I can understand you were working magic. The energy levels were off the charts, but what exactly were you doing?"

Felicity shakes her head quickly, as if trying to dismiss what went on. She remains quiet still though, slowly pulling her hand from the bag again.

Zora crosses and uncrosses her arms."Look, I'm gonna get out of here. You two are welcome to come with me if you like, if not then maybe I'll see you." She walks a couple steps out the alley, "See ya kiddo." Zora slowly moves through the crowd, ignoring stares she gets.

Hack blinks a couple of times, he looks to Felicity and then back.

"Ah screw it...WAIT UP!" He says as he throws off the guard bearings, keeping only the sword.

Zora turns back and smiles. "I thought you'd follow. Quickly come here." When Hack is close enough she shields him from view with her wing. "Be very quiet and I'll get us out of here." The nearby guards pass by with out even looking their way. "Is foxy girl coming with?"

Felicity suddenly just starts growling and runs after Zora, tackling them down to the ground. While there, a skeletal hand appears in a poof of mist and grabs at Zora's throat. "THAT IS ENOUGH! I AM NO CHILD! DO NOT MAKE ME GUT YOU." Felicity stands up and runs towards the city gates, hoping the guards won't get any messages or know what is going on. The skeletal hand disappears as Felicity runs.

Zora jumps up and shakes herself off. "Please tell me the skeleton hand was not me hallucinating." She runs after Felicity dragging Hack along with her.

Felicity pushes past any guards in her way, throwing subtlety to the wind as she sprints out of the gates and makes a beeline for the treeline. Once she thinks she is out of sight she climbs a tree to get a safer view in the situation and calm down. The purple starts fading from her eyes and she pulls out a human sized skull from the bag, holding it with both hands and staring into the eye sockets.

Zora sprints past the flustered guards and follows Felicity to the tree line. Since she unfortunately can't climb trees she sits at the base of the tree and looks at Hack. "I have to admit I'm a bit surprised you followed me."

Felicity seems upset, though mostly at herself. "Go away..." She sounds like a young child telling her parents to leave her alone. She doesn't really want Zora to, she just is trying to calm down.

"I ain't leaving foxy girl." She lays back against the tree trunk. "We'll be here till you calm down."

Hack looks to Zora, panting heavily. " am I." His eyes then turn to Felicity and a furious look forms in his eyes. "Oh yeah I can see you're all about subtlety, aren't ya!?"He shouts angrily.

"It's not like people like us are on the blacklist of every city, village and province in the known world! Nooo that be ridiculous!!!"

The skeletal hand appears again and pushes Hack backwards. "Do not start this again... I am trying to calm down and come to my senses..."

Zora hits Hack in the chest. "Shut up! Do you want everyone to hear you!? Just let her have a moment. By the twin moons..."

Hack facepalms heavily and points to the gate they just left, where the guards stationed there in the middle of blowing a horn. As Hack gets up the red charm starts glowing again, the skeletal hand which Felicity summoned is turned to smoke as he hisses in a beastly manner at it.

"Hear us? HEAR US!?! Are you serious?! Within the hour all of our heads will be displayed at the gallows and it won't be because I wouldn't "shut up"!" He snarls as his eyes go orange.

Zora snarls and picks Hack up by his throat. "Shut. Up. We are not going to die. Know why?" She shakes him. "Because I'm going to kill these idiots and you two will stay out of site. Understood? Actually....are you any good with that sword?"

"I do NOT care. They have tried to keep me contained before and I got out. That hand is not your imagination. I am a necromancer, okay!? You want me to do something then I will, but I value the lives of people and do not want to harm them."

"Value lives? Lives hold no value. That's why when I kill I'm taking nothing of value. Unfortunately for you more likely than not the only way for us to get out is to kill almost if not all of these jokers."

Pricking Zora's paw with the blade just enough to break free, Hack grins as only the barest yelp is heard from her. Dropping to the ground again Hack leaps down a hill leading back to the gate before Zora can mangle him for the offence.

"Oh I´m good with a sword alright, see if you can keep up Fluffy."

"The lives of the living are to be spared, I refuse to take another..." Felicity drops out of the tree. "However, I will still aid the escape."

It's quite convienent for Nyx to have someone to piggy-back on. They had forgotten how much easier it was not dealing with foolish mortals themself. The wolf and lizard can dispose of all the guards for them, and they won't have to lift a single temdril. They don't even have to bother with "emotion". And luckily enough, none of them have noticed Nyx. They're having so mcuh fun with these fools.

Zora sprints after Heck, easily catching up and grabbing his arm. "Hold on a moment there lizard boy. Think for a moment. That is if you're capable of doing so." She releases his arm and pulls a small dagger from her boot. "Watch and learn." In an effortless movement the knife slams into one of the guards chest causing some confusion. "Now we can go." She runs ahead with Hack next to her. She turns and yells, "Come on foxy girl!"

Felicity sits down, placing the skull in front of her, facing her. "Zora, I will be just behind you. I need to do one thing first." Felicity pulls a small pendant from the bag, it has a silver chain and the main piece is an onyx gem set in an ornate silver back piece. She puts it on and closes her eyes.

"I didn't take you for a show off..." Hack says and grins again, though obviously happy with the result. As he and Zora meet the guards head on he slashes one right in the knee, flips over him and in the split of a second flicks his red charm. While still over the wounded guard's head the red charm emits a massive fire blast, toasting the guy. The rest of them seem even more caught aback now.

"After all that's my profession..."

After a few moments Felicity picks up the skull and walks towards where the guards are. A dark aura begins building up around her as she clutches the skull in her right hand, her eyes becoming a dark purple again.

"Well, well, well. Almost wish I'd found you sooner boy." She quickly dodges one of the more confident guards swords, in an effortless movement she grabs him and quite literally tears his throat out. She licks the blood from around her mouth and smiles. "Though I much prefer doing it this way."

The bodies of the guards seem to be bleeding more than they usually would, at an increasing rate as Felicity approaches. The first one to die starts twitching slightly.

Zora cautiously nudges the twitching body with her foot. Then she shrugs and jumps a nearby guard, ripping his head off.

"Well we all have our methods..." Hack says as he suddenly throws the blade in the air only for it to be caught by his tail, using it to surprising effect as he picks up a guard's spear for his hands. Swinging it around expertly, in tune with his flailing, now bladed, tail.

Zora laughs. "Nice. Now I really wish I'd found you sooner."

Felicity is rather close to where the fighting is going and suddenly the flesh on the dead guards is torn off as if by an explosion and then the remaining skeletons begin to stand. Felicity glares at the guards; "You run now, and I will leave you to live. However, continue fighting and I shall show you less mercy than what my allies do." She continues walking forward, the aura growing.

Nyx helps a little, sending tendrils out of Hack's shadow to inconspicuously trip the guards and get them killed faster. His shadow shakes and bulges, matching their moves and not his.

"Yep. I love this Nogitsune. She's cool with-oh sh**!" One of the guards managed to slash a sword down her side. "Ooh that's gonna hurt tomorrow." She doges and rips the sword out of his hand then rams it through his skull.

In the midst of Felicity's necro show Hack gets showered in gore and guts, he stares awestruck at the fox girl.

"Remind me to take Blazer off when conversing with her..." He says to Zora and gestures to the red charm.

The flesh removal happens on those who die, their skeletons standing up to join the ranks of those who have fallen. The skeletons pick up weapons lying around and start attacking the remaining guards. "Why do you fight this? Run, foolish guards!" a few of the younger recruits back away slowly and then break into a run back into town.

"Will do. Now if you'll excuse me imma just.." Zora falls to the ground and holds her side. "Just...give me...a moment..oh healing specialty.." She slowly begins to heal her side and looks around for any more annoying guards.

Felicity makes her way over to Zora, putting her hand on her shoulder. "Allow me." Felicity puts her hand on the wound and it heals faster than when Zora was healing it. "Necromancy isn't all about death."

Zora smiles lightly. "Thank you. But uh...let's not mention this to any one. My mate would never let me love this down if he knew I needed help."

"It's not help as such, i'm just speeding up what you are capable of. You could do it, i can do it faster." Felicity ducks as a skeleton swings just over her head and takes out a nearby guard with a nasty slash to the torso.

"I make no promises..." Hack says and grins dismissively, leaning on his sword.
Eyes gleam out from the shadows watching the individuals curiously.

Felicity glances to the eyes. "You and Hack got this, right Zora?"

Zora growls at Hack and throws a dagger at his foot. Narrowly missing it. "If you speak of this to anyone I can and will kill you. I have been trained to kill ever since I was three and I can easily make your death look like an accident." Zora grins and tugs Felicity down a bit then whispers in her ear. "I think the kiddo is crushing on you foxy girl." She grins. "Yeah we got this." She bounces up and walks to the shadow. "Come out whoever you are. We won't hurt you. Well I won't."

"I won't hurt you unless you hurt me, and as for the dead people... They won't unless you hurt me."

"I again...make no promises."

Zora punches Hack in the gut. "Shut up. Just ignore him, he's an idiot. If he hurts you I'll kick his ass." She grabs him in a choke hold. "But you won't hurt them. Right?"

the eyes disappear from the shadow in front of them, and an all black wolf walks out behind them
put it down and stares at them

"Thank the maker I have a scaled stomach..." Hack coughs as Zora grips him by the neck.

Nyx watches the wolf closely, as their hosts baven't noticed her. They send out part of themself into the wolf's shadow, to whisper into its ear. "Hello, small one..."

Zora lets him go and runs to the wolf. "Oh my gosh so pretty." She sits in front of the wolf and pets her ears. "What's your name? Oh do you mind that I'm petting your ears?"

Tilts head slightly, Why do you call me small? a voice replies in Nyx's mind. Tail thumps twice on the ground in response to Zora and licks her hand.

Zora affectionately rubs her head. "See this is how you get someone to like you. You could learn a lot from her Hack."

"What the hell?" Hack exclaims in response to Zora's behavior. "Is this some sort of traditional wolf greeting?" He asks, poising the question to Felicity.

Nyx replies in the same way, You are, to me., and joins the wolf instead. A new host, and an intelligent one for once, Lovely. They wrap shadows around her, and continue whispering. Don't let them know I'm here. Tag along with them and act unintelligent.

Zora waves her hand dismissively at Hack. "Shush. It's not really a traditional wolf greeting. Most of my clan greets each other by beating the crap out of each other." She continues stroking the wolfs head.

"I'm no wolf. Though i know i like it when people do that..."

Zora smiles, gets up and pets Felicity's head. "Like this?"

Ok, could be interesting. Azeera replies. Huffs and perks ears up with a wolfish smile.

"I've got nothing for this..."

Gies back to the wolf and rubs her head. "You are so cute. And an Hack if you tell anyone about this I'm killing you. Aww but you are so cute." Affectionately rubs her ears.
Licks Zora's hand then pads over to a fallen guard and picks up a bag hangin at his hip. Walks back to Zora and drops it, which makes a metallic clinks as it lands.

"'re kidding me." Hack says between his teeth, barely containing his laughter.

Zora takes her shoe off and throws it at Hacks face. "Shut up."

Felicity seems pleased upon being petted.
Azeera Picks the bag back up.

Nyx is still coiling shadows around her new ride. They are pleased at th act, and whisper praise into the wolf's ear. The mortals will need that money.

"Alright let's see what's in there. And uh Hack just so you're aware if it's something dangerous I'm throwing it at you." Zora sticks her tongue out at Hack to show she's teasing. She gently takes the bag and opens it. "Oooooh. Shinies. Shiny shiny shiny money."

"Money? I'm low on that currently."

"Hmmm...we could buy a lot with, water, horses.." Zora trails off going through a mental checklist.

with ears perked foreward she gives Zora a wide grin with her tongue lolling out.

"I need no horses. I have dead people, as you can see."

Hack stares at the gold alluringly, mesmerized by it. His tongue sticks out slightly as tiny proverbial diamonds appear in his eyes.

Zora laughs at Hacks expression. "Oh my gods that's cute. Your mate is pretty lucky to have you." She rubs Zeeras head. "You're a fabulous wolf finding this."

"We need this money for supplies. Though my exposure to necromancy has led to me requiring less sustenance." The skeletons standing around begin to crumble.
Wuffs and sits down tail wagging.

"Yeah about that, I hate to be the guy to remind the pack that we're still standing outside the city gates! I´m surprised they haven't come after us yet given the mess we made here!"

"Psshh... You think they would fight the dead people? They are usually scared of it."

"Well no but as you can see, your little helpers are looking a bit malnourished...and more than they're supposed to."
they seem to fight eact other a bit much, don't they? says to Nyx

"They just needed a rest. There are more bodies around here."

Don't they? Mortals and their emotions. they laugh, and it comes out as no more than a breeze, stirring up the wolf's fur. Let them have their fun. Our time will come, small furry one.

"Speaking of malnourished... i could do with feeding soon and since we aren't welcome in that town i am in a dilemma. Unless..." Felicity looks to Hack and Zora, eyes yellow again.
If they need food why don't they just hunt? Azeera asks. They all seem like they should be capable of it...

Nyx laughs some more, the dust stirring around Azeera's feet with the wind from it. It wouldn't be up to their standards, I would imagine. Or perhaps they just didn't think of it.

"You guys do know what I mean when I say feeding right? I am a Nogitsune, I have to feed on people's energy. Though through a certain interaction."

Looks at Felicity and sneezes, then lies down with a huff. Well that may be a problem Azeera says to Nyx.

Nyx finally stops laughing, only to curl parts of themself around the others shadows as well. They feed off energy, themself. Won't it just. It should be quite amusing.

Felicity goes into the treeline and sits down, "How are you little Wolfie?"
Looks at Felicity, with one ear foreward and one ear back, huffs, and thumps tail on the ground once.

"Sounds like you are upset. What's wrong?"

Stares at Felicity with both ears foreward, and thumps tail lightly on the ground.

"Am I wrong? This is hard to do..."

Nyx has started up their laughing again at the sight. They laugh often, in a careful mockery of mortal emotions. They could almost feel sorry for the fox, if she wasn't a fool. They whisper to Azeera, Good dog, and laugh more.

Felicity lies on her back, relaxing a little while she waits. "if you spoke a bit more I'd like you even better."

I'm not a dog. Seems a good number of common two-leggers can't tell the difference between a dog and a wolf though... says to Nyx. Tilts head slightly looking at Felicity with both ears perked foreward.

Hmph. Same difference, furry one. You're /acting/ like a dog. They sound vaguely offended at the implication they're a two legger. They can have as many legs as they want.

I didn't mean to imply you were a two-legger, I mean people like the guards and most non-magic city folk with two legs Azeera says to Nyx apologetically.

Nyx supposes that's a /bit/ better, and pats Azeera on the head with a tendril. Good wolf, best host. Thank you, then. Two-leggers are annoying.

Hack suddenly turns his head toward a sound coming from the road, a carriage commandeered by an old man. As his teammates continue to banter the carriage gets ever closer and it seems it's driver is completely oblivious to the blood slicked field in front of him.

Felicity sits up to look at the carriage, wondering who would be travelling this road currently. Seeing an old man driving the carriage, she stands up and walks to the side of the road, waving for the man to stop. When he does, he is confused and seemingly a bit scared at the corpses and skeletons. "My friends and I were about to enter the town but we saw this and well.... It is a little off putting, wouldn't you say?"

The old man nods slowly. "Would we be able to catch a lift with you to a different town?" The old man seems a little flustered at this and Felicity puts her hand on his leg as he is higher up, "Not even for me?" A faint air of magic can be felt around the man at this point, though not seeming to be from him. The man nods again, speaking with a raspy voice, "Go on then. Get in and I will turn us around. There is a town about a day's travel down the road." Felicity smiles,
"Thank you!" and she climbs into the carriage.

Zora is briefly mystified by what just transpired then she shrugs and hops into the carriage next to Felicity. "Good job foxy girl. Let's just hope this idiot doesn't decide to betray us or anything.." She pats the carriage softly. "You coming lizardboy and wolfie?"

Felicity is doubled over inside the carriage, whimpering quietly. When Does hops into it she looks up to her, rather desperate looking.

Zora gently rubs her shoulder and murmurs, "Hey, hey it's okay..just tell me how to help and I will.."

Felicity crawls over to Zora, gently pushing her back against the seat and leaning over her. "I'm so hungry... You seem so tasty, given how I have been able to watch you."
Hops into the carriage and sits on the floor

Felicity moves back to her seat, going a bit red in the face. She mutters; "I need to feeeeed...."

Hack crawls awkwardly into the carriage, ignoring the old man who suddenly looks strangely stupefied. "You know for an assassin you're awfully interested in the well being of others..." He says before tripping over his tail and falling face first on the floor, only inches from the other wolf.

Felicity laughs at Hack a bit, before doubling over and yelping again.

She glares at Hack. "You just shut up before I break your damn neck. Although I think you're capable of doing that yourself.." She gently rubs Felicity's shoulder, "I'm capable of helping sweetheart.."

"D-do you even know what is wrong...?"

"Not one hundred percent, but you're behaving like my mate does when he hasn't fed in awhile. So I'm just guessing and saying that's the issue." Zora silently prays she didn't just say something wrong.

Felicity nods shakily, "I-I need to f-feeeeeeed...."

Zora gently kisses Felicity. "I'm totally here. Haha trust me, my mate won't care what I do."

"I th-thought they did...."

"We have a...shall we relationship."

Hack blinks repeatedly, still lying on the floor. "Um...just what are you two about to do?"

Zora kicks Hack lightly. "Hush. We're busy."

"Well... It c-can wait... There are people here... Maybe w-when we get to the town..."

Hack gets up and rubs his snout, shaking off the dirt from Zora's paw. "Oh split my liver! I've had enough! Hey old guy, head for the nearest settlement and drop me off at the border!" He shouts at the driver before flipping out the door and onto the top of the carriage, nestling himself among the luggage.
Azeera's ears go back and whines softly.

Zora grins. "All right sweetheart. We wouldn't want to make lizardboy too uncomfortable haha. Hmm maybe...ah hell." Zora gets up and leans out the door, resting her arms on the roof. "Are you really going to hide up here?"

Felicity half stands up, but collapses back down as pain hits her again. She whimpers quietly for a moment before shouting at Hack, "D-dont be so damn h-harsh...! I'm practically d-dying here..."

Hack just lies in a coiled circle, ignoring Zora completely.

Zora inches closer to Hack and rests her hand on his arm. "Come on. I'm sorry about being so rough. I'm not used to being around other people. Come on please don't run off at the border..or some other idiotic thing."

Nyx coils shadows through the carriage, stretching tendrils to hook onto all the others, just in case one of them leaves.

Hack just eyes her crossly, "We can discuss this when we don't have a starving necromancer on our hands..."

"I don't need f-food as such...."

"I get that!" Hack shouts to Felicity, still a bit angsty. "But I don't wanna be around while you uh, feed her."

Zora laughs and grins. "Wow you're the fist person I've met who's ever said that."

"Well I can't say I´m surprised to hear that you hang around with some sick, sick individuals..."

"Are y-you calling me sick?"

"We're twisted not sick. Sick makes it sound like there's a cure."
Covers her face with a paw. (Aka. Facepalm)


Nyx approves of twisted, but they have no interest in icky mortal affairs. They might leave their host if such happens.

"Yeah, you're not, everyone else I hang out with is though." She coughs. "Lizardboy." Coughs again and grins.

"Hey!" Hack snarks as the carriage starts moving.

Felicity seems to relax a bit now, her breathing slowing. "C-can you wake me when we get there? I... I need to sleep..."

Zora laughs, leans closer and kisses his cheek. "I'm just teasing." She leans back into the carriage. "Don't worry, we'll wake you."
This is getting ridiculous. ...Azeera says to Nyx

As the carriage leaves the city's border another horn can be heard in the distance, this time coming from the inner city, considering how the gate is devoid of anyone...well anyone alive.

"Let's hope this guy picks up the pace..." Hack mutters, shivering slightly as they start to distance themselves from the city.

/And tiresome. I would almost reveal myself to slap some sense into them.../

When Zora sees Hack shiver she decides to make it her job to tease him. "Awww is the little lizard cold, need somebody to warm you up?"

"No thanks!" Hack says and instantly jumps behind a trunk, glaring at the wolf. "I've got this guy to keep me warm..." He says and gestures again to the red charm.

Snorts That cOuld be amusing
Walks into the shadow of a seat and lies down with only her head visible.

Zora grins and fully climbs up on the roof. "By the twin moons, chill. I'm just teasing you. Hahah you're so shy and it's adorable. Well almost adorable."

They smile and stay in the shadow with Azeera.I'm tempted. But perhaps not quite yet.

"Right, whatever." Hack hisses as he starts rubbing the charm in his hands, slowly causing it glow orange.

Zora looks at her paws. "I really am sorry..about..everything. It's weird I don't like many people but you and Felicity...I don't know. I think I could learn to like you.." She examines her claw. "So uh..did you make the amulet or...?"

Not yet Azeera agrees.

Hack's eyes light up slightly at the mention of his "amulet", he shuffles his clothing a bit as if he were smuggling something. "Well it's not really an amulet, or even a necklace for that matter..." The orange dies down a bit as he loses his focus.

Realizing it Hack grumbles irritably and the charm lights up again in a flare, "Look let's just say that they're an heirloom an leave it at that..."

Zora leans back against one of the trunks. "All right. I'll let you be."

Felicity seems calm again, aside from occasional twitches, falling asleep.

Zora peeks into the carriage and smiles at Felicity. "Aww so cute.."

Azeera looks at Zora and huffs before laying head back down.

Zora reaches in and lightly ruffles Azeeras fur.
Azeera sighs stirring the dust and dirt on the floor.

After sitting in silence for a little while Zora decides to say something. "So uh...what are you doing so far away from home?"

With night fully settled in Hack yawns wide, his tongue stretching far out of the mouth. As he rustles the bags and trunks on top of the carriage he builds himself a little personalized nest, lying in it comfortably.

"Alright...sweet dreams Hack..." He says, closing his eyelids.


"You cannot be serious..."

Zora covers her mouth and laughs. "Come here. I've got a solution. It's a little trick my Master taught me." She slowly spins a web of magic over herself and Hack. "It blocks out both rain and sound." She grins mischievously wondering how Hack will respond to her hint.

As the shield envelopes the two Hack looks at Zora, just the barest hint of gratitude gleams from his eyes before being replaced with the same scratchy visage. "Thanks, I guess. Looks I´ll be needing you again..." He says and looks back to the red charm, this time using it's warmth to dry himself.

She smiles slightly, and gently nuzzles his neck. "See I'm not all bad." She lies down next to him, wings folded and closes her eyes. "Night, night."

Hack thanks the maker that the wolf laid down before noticing that his skin just got a bit greener, swallowing nervously. Before he can lie beside her (a good couple of inches away) he suddenly hears the voice, the voice that only he can hear.

"Aw look at that, lil' Hack's finally made a friend..." The voice says, marred by a strange accent. "Aren't you going to introduce us?" The voice continues. Hack turns around to see his red charm floating in the air, it's markings now mimicking a face.

"Oh you picked a hell of a time to speak to me didn't ya?" He eyes the living charm angrily.


Felicity starts kicking and mumbling in her sleep, whimpering occasionally. She seems to be having some sort of bad dream.

Zora smiles faintly when she smells his nervousness. 'Heheh he should know most people don't sleep that fast. He's so cute.." She twitches her ear ever so faintly when she hears him call someone or something Blaze. She hears Felicity whimper softly and sends down a small amount of calming magic. She falls asleep slowly.

The aura from before starts to build up around Felicity as she sleeps, the ground behind the carriage seems a little tainted and some of the plants near to the road are dying slowly.

"Alright...spill your guts. What kind of a scheme 'ave you got yourself wrapped up in now?" Blaze says as he hovers in front of Hack, held onto him by some beads and string. "What makes you think that's any of your business?" Hack whispers, taking his well-eared friend into consideration.

"Everything you do is my business you little whelp. You get yourself killed, then what happens to me and the others?" Blaze says, flapping his wooden jaws about.

"Yeah, yeah we've been through that! Look since you're around I could really do with a warm-up, this shield doesn't exactly cover temperature." Hack says and gestures to the shield. Suddenly Blaze raises what appears to be an eyebrow, a malignant grin forming on his face. "I don't know, it seems you've got your source of heat lying right next to you..."

Hack tilts his head in confusion before getting the hint, his expression is instantly replaced with a look so peeved steam should be coming from his nostrils.

Zora twitches slightly and opens her eyes a crack. "Hey okay?...thought I heard someone...." She reaches out a hand and gently puts it on his arm. " okay...?"

Felicity's eyes open as she leans to the side, pushing the door open. She immediately jumps out and rolls, scuffing herself in a few places as she does so. She stops after a second or so, kneeling and putting one hand on the floor.
"si rigluin wux ekess waph tenamalo, Lexa" The aura grows in size suddenly and the plants around the road start wilting and dying. The old man slows the carriage down to a stop, leaning over the side to look at Felicity before shouting to Hack and Zora; "What's yer friend doing? Looks bad..."

"Gaahh!" Hack exclaims as he's startled by Zora, he falls over the luggage again and knocks his head slightly. Shaking it to relieve the pain he says, "Oh yeah sure! I was just um...talking to myself..." He eyes the red charm which now just hangs from his collar again, it's red color as dull as it was before.

Before Zora can question him further Hack notices their driver's yelling and Felicity tumbling down the path. "Well foxy's gone mad again..." He mutters sardonically. "Don't worry I´ll get her!" He says in a flash and makes a dive off the carriage, happy for the distraction but not so much for whatever Felicity's up to.

After a few moments of the aura growing, she stands up and looks to the skies, shouting out.


"Oh dear..."

Felicity half collapses on the ground, sobbing.

Azeera jumps out of the carriage and runs to Felicity. She looks at her questioningly and puts her head on her shoulder.

Hack looks at the two canines (one and a half?) and gives a somber look, scratching the back of his neck as he tries to say something. "Look, normally I'd just spout my usual sarcastic tunes but..." He begins.

"I actually wanna know what's causing you grief...besides the "feeding" bit, I can't help you with that..."

"si rigluin wux ekess waph tenamalo, Lexa..."

"Yeah, I don't speak fox..."
Azeera looks at Hack, and shrugs. Then bumps Felicity's head with her muzzle.

Felicity slows her sobbing down enough to speak properly and audiably, "Th-that isn't... isn't fox..."

Hack drops down to one knee beside Felicity, a kinder look on his face. "Then what is it?"

"D-Draconic..." She tries to wipe her tears, constantly looking towards the ground

Azeera huffs a breath in Hack's face.

Hack wrinkles his snout in retort to the wolf's snort, "Oi! What'd ya do that for?" Not expecting a response he looks again to Felicity, "And what exactly does a dragon's vocabulary have to do with necromancy?"


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Re: Fantasy Group RP Part 1 Archived

Post by Shadow on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:04 pm

"M-Magic... It is easier to get in Draconic..."

"Okay, now on to a more pressing question. Why are you casting some major spell in the middle of the night?"

"I-I'm not... I just... Sometimes speak it..." She intentionally tries to keep her eyes away from Hack's gaze. "I just had a bad dream.... But... What is.... What is your opinion on necromancy?"

Azeera huffs in Hack's face again, with an amused look in her eyes.

Hack growls, irritated by the wolf's behavior. "You trying to make a point?" He says and stares her right in the eye.

Azeera sticks her tongue out at Hack with her eyes gleaming in amusement.

Sighing in frustration Hack looks up at they rainy sky, realizing that he's completely soaked now. "Felicity, I don't know how your mana infused body works or what's making it duck and dive like this but I promise the she-wolf will try and fix it, she seems to know what she's doing." He says and looks over to Zora at the carriage, who gives him the eye as in to ask for a progress report.

"At least for your sake I hope she does..." Hack whispers to the fox girl.

"It happens from time to time... I just... I'm only learning this magic for someone I love..."

"I see..." Hack says, putting a hand on Felicity's shoulder. "We'll work this out tomorrow, what we need now is a night's rest, yeah?" He asks, pleading to go to sleep.

"You go to sleep... I can't like this..." The aura is dying down slowly and she stands up shakily and walks over to get back in the carriage

Hack looks after Felicity as she leaves for the carriage, wondering whether what he's feeling is actual sympathy or if he's just so desperate to get some shut-eye that he's even tricking himself. Deciding to think on it tomorrow he motions for the old man to get the horses going.

As he crawls back up to the top of carriage where the shield still stayed, he's happy to find Zora asleep, not wanting to deal with anymore interaction for the day.

" strange pack of misfits I somehow picked up..." He mutters to himself as his eyes close.

The Next Day...

Felicity watches as things go past while the carriage moves. She pulls out an old looking book written in what at first would just seem to be scribbles that jumble around. Anyone who reads arcane scripts would know this was one, though. She leafs through the pages for a bit before stopping at one. She starts reading, the aura completely disappearing and her shaking stopping. She is left with a rather content expression on her face.

Azeera walks behind the carriage for awhile and moves into the shadows on the interior of the carriage. She looks at Felicity reading her book and huffs before curling up on the opposing seat.

"What? Do you disapprove of my book?"

Zora bolts awake and looks around quickly. "Wait what the hell where am.....oh right." She growls faintly at her own stupidity then slowly stretches her arms over her head. She gently nudges Hack with a wingtip, "Hey lizardboy. You up?" When he doesn't respond immediately she swings upside down and looks into the carriage. "Morning foxy girl."

Felicity glances to Zora, "Morning." She looks at the book for a moment, "Can you read this?"

Zora leans closer and peers at the book. "Hmmm a few words here and there. I don't really read too often though.."

"Ah. Now there are few who can read this kind of script. Though... There is one spell I am unable to read... I know what it is and I need to find the magic to decipher it..."

"Hmmm well that can't be too hard to do. I've worked with magic quite a bit and I can help. If not we can always speak to my mate. By the twin moons is lizardboy up yet?" She swings back to the top of the carriage. "Hack. Wake up sleepy boy." When she remembers his nervousness last night a mischievous grin forms and she kisses him on the mouth.

Hack's eyes slowly open beneath the morning sun, stretching every muscle in his body before yawning big he takes in his surroundings, they're not far from the town Felicity spoke of. "Hmmh..." Hack sniffs the air and raises a scaly eyebrow, hoping he's not been there before.

As he turns his head he's immediately greeted by Zora's face, without an intake of breath he flips back like a scared cat, knocking his head on a trunk again. "Ow! Damn it, can you please not do that again!?"

She laughs at his reaction. "Oh you little dork. Come here." She sits next to him and gently places her hand where his head had hit the trunk. She slowly takes the pain away and checks to make sure he didn't mess himself up somehow. She gently kisses his cheek and smiles. "If I had know you were going to do that I'd have been more careful haha."

"Well now you know, you're not the only whose had a bounty on her at one point or another..." Hack says as Zora heals the bruise on his scalp.

She raises an eyebrow briefly, "Mind if I ask what happened to cause this bounty?"

"My job..." Hack says plainly.

"Ah, the hazards of the job. Always fun yet annoying at the same time." Her mouth quirks into a brief smile and she kisses Hack where the bruise was. "There, all better."

"One of these days, It'll be me helping you out..." Hack says and grins slightly. As the carriage comes to a stop outside the town he looks towards it and spots a couple of guards, hoping they don't recognize him either, or his new found friends for that matter.

"So...the others awake?" He asks Zora.

Zora murmurs. "You've already helped me." She grins. "Yeah foxy girl is up readin and little Wolfie is hanging out close to her." She glances at the guards and smiles faintly.

Before Hack can ask what she means his stomach suddenly growls audibly, "Damn...I knew I shouldn't have skipped the tavern stop yesterday..."

Zora laughs. "Looks like we'll be needing to get something to eat. I've been here before, I'm well know. I know a few really good places."

"Okay...we won't end up at the butcher's backdoor will we?" Hack says and eyes his partner's predatory features.

Zora smiles faintly. "Don't worry. The place we'll head to I know you'll love. Wonder if Wynter will be there..." She trails off with a slightly wistful look.

"A pack member?" Hack says and grins again.

"My mate."

"Oh..." Hack says and chokes on his words for a bit, suddenly feeling strangely awkward.

She looks away, avoiding eye contact. "What I had said...about him ripping your throat out or whatever...ah a bit of a lie..." She pauses for a long moment. "We had a falling out...I haven't spoken to him in almost a year..."

Azerea wakes up and looks around the carriage. She sees the fox girl sitting with her book and senses the winged wolf woman and lizard man on the roof. She pokes her head out the window and looks towards the front of the carriage. When she sees the guard gate her ears go back slightly and she whines softly.

Hack shudders a bit, caressing his throat slightly. "Yeah, well..." He begins, "You know what? Why don't we just scout the place, huh?" He says before leaping down the carriage and knocking on the window, "You guys coming?" He asks the fox and the wolf.

Zora bounces down, her wings lightly hitting the side of the carriage. She slings her arm around Hack companionably. "You two better come, I don't think it's a good idea to leave me alone with him. Hahah, I'm just teasing. I'd never do anything like that."


Zora affectionately nuzzles Hacks neck. "Oh shush. If I'd wanted to hurt you or take advantage of you I'd have done it by now."

Azeera looks at Zora quizzically with a questioning noise.

Hack growls a bit beneath his breath as he can hear four little voices mocking him in his head, "Okay, that's enough of that..." He says as he shuffles out of Zora's grip, "Four-legger and necro-fox, you coming or not?"

Azeera moves to the shadow under the carriage, and creeps over behind Zora.

Zora affectionately rubs Azeeras head, she leans down and whispers. "Hey wanna see something funny?"

Azeera looks at Zora and yips, with a grin

Zora laughs and grins. When Hack is a little but distracted she sneaks up on him, picks him up and throws him over her shoulder. "Haha, only way I'm letting you down is if you admit you're crushing on me."

Felicity hops out of the carriage, following Hack and Zora. "Maybe I can find a certain spell."

"What the-" Hack shouts as Zora flips him over her shoulder. "Zora! This ain't funny, put me down!"

"Hahah nope! Not till you admit you're crushing on me! Ooooo or maybe I'm wrong and you're crush on foxy girl!"

"I don't even know what that word means!" Hack eyes Felicity with a pleading look. "Help a guy out Fel?"

"Haha. Crushing is when you're interested in someone." She grins at Felicity. "Nooo, don't help him. Not till he admits he likes one of us!"

"I´m warning you, she-wolf! Put me down!" Hack snarls.

Zora grins evilly and uses a small spell to partially paralyze him. "Ah ah ah. Nope. Now you can't move, I'll reverse the spell once you admit to it."

Felicity goes a little red in the face, huffing at Zora.

Zora sticks her tongue out at Felicity. "Ah come on. Lighten up foxy. I'm just having a bit of fun with him."

Azeera jumps up and bumps Hack 's face with her nose. Then looks at him with a wide grin.Then her ears perk up and she looks at Felicity and Zora.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Hack utters furiously. Before he can shout obscenities at Zora he hears Blaze's voice in his head, "Well this is turning out even more amusing than I thought..." He cackles. "Well aren't you a load of useless..." Hack responds in his mind.

"Why don't you just admit it mate?"

"Cause I have nothing to admit! Now help me..." Hack says, a tone of command in his voice. One that Blaze cannot resist, in the same moment Hack's eyes go bright orange.

Zora is completely oblivious to what's going on. "Oh maybe he's crushing on Azeera! That's why he won't say! Hahah!"

"Shush... You know how I feel at the moment..."

With a sudden surge of magic Hack's skin seethes with heat, scalding Zora's skin and at the same time breaking her spell. Leaping off of her shoulder as she clutches it Hack gives the whole group a coarse look as the fire dies down in his eyes, "When you ladies are done arguing which one of you has the deed to me, I'll see you in town..."

Azeera makes a 'worf?' sound at Zora's remark, then sneezes and tosses her head.

Zora grabs her shoulder and drops to the ground whimpering.

Feliciry follows Hack closely, "Don't be so drastic... I don't 'own' anyone"

Azeera looks at Hack with her ears flattened, dashes foreward, and pins him down.

"Relax, that was mostly meant for her..." Hack says without looking back.Looking the strange wolf in the face, Hack seems awfully uninterested. "I don't see a deed..." He says casually.

Zora whines and gets up then follows the others. She walks next to Hack, and lowers her ears and tail submissively. "I'm really sorry about that alpha."

Azeera growls at Hack and looks pointedly at Zora, then back to Hack.

"Pardon?" Hack asks quizically, still pinned by Azeera.

"I'm sorry...i was just teasing you alpha.." She avoids eye contact.

Looks at Zora then back to Hack and growls again.

Familiar with the word and it's meaning in wolf society, Hack suddenly looks a tad regretful. "All my dreams of reptiles dominating the world have come back to bite me in the tail..." He thinks to himself. He can suddenly feel a weird look coming from Blazer, "What is the matter with you?" He asks surprisingly.

Azeera nips Hack in the chin to get his attention then looks pointedly at Zora with a snort. She looks back at Hack and rumbles.

Before Hack can ask what he means Blazer's aura vanishes, meaning he's gone back to sleep. "Sheesh your timing sucks..." Hack thinks to himself before shoving Azeera off and addressing Zora, " "omega"...I guess, you said there was a place we could get lodgings in town?"

At the word omega Azeera growls a warning.

She gingerly rubs the burn mark. "Yes alpha. My mother used to run a place here. When she died a friend of hers took it over. I know where it's at still."

Azeera leaps at Hack again knocking him forward to the ground. She rumbles a warning again.

"Don't be so mean to Hack... And I am just going to let you two with your sub and master stuff lead us to lodgings."

Zora covers a little smile with her hand. She hold out a paw to Hack. "Come on alpha."

Azeera looks at Felicity and snorts, then focuses her attention back on Hack. A voice sounds in Hack's head If you meet her mate and he hears her calling you alpha, he may fight you to get her back. Might be smarter to decline being alpha and apologize for the burn

"Don't you disrespect both me and Hack... " Her hand goes to the book, which she had put in a pouch on her belt for convenience.

Azeera continues growling at Hack.

Felicity drops the book, holding her hands stationary above the book. Before it even lands it has turned to a page and stopped. Magic seems to flow from the book into Felicity's hands, and she points at Azeera. A rather dark metal cage forms around Azeera quickly. "I said DON'T."

As Hack stands up with Zora's help he looks wide eyed to Azeera, "So you can talk..." He thinks, hoping she can hear him. "Believe me if her mate is around this place...I´m bailing. As for Zora, I need your help to snap her out of this. I've no interest in being her alpha as fun as that might sound..."

Disappears from the shadows with in the cage, runs out from beneath the carriage, and snorts in Felicity's direction.

Who says I'm the wolf? Either way, dominance is asserted by whomever beats who. So if you and Zora fought and she beat you she should be the dominant, or just tell her you aren't her alpha because you aren't a wolf

The cage disappears seconds after Azeera leaves it. "I was being pleasant and you are the one being disrespectful. I usually value life, but there are always sacrifices to be made. I'm sure Nerull wouldn't mind another one to add to the list of the dead."

Rumbles in Hack's direction. And looks quizzically at Felicity.

"Somehow I don't think it's gonna be that simple..." Hack says in his mind. "Felicity it's alright, leave the four-legger alone. We don't exactly have time to screw around the way we've been doing. Now come on, the both of you..." He says out loud to the girls as he goes after Zora.

Felicity mutters quietly to herself and walks off, the book becoming ash and then reappearing on her belt. "I'm gonna flip out at this rate..."

Snorts and follows the trio from a distance. The voice says to Hack I can't read minds though... you must have some experience with mental communication then?

As the party enters town Hack reads a sign held on by some chains, "Crowport? Can't say that I award them for creativity..." He mutters as they enter the gates, thankful for lazy and most likely drunk guards. "Not much I admit..." Hack says to the strange wolf. "Maybe just enough though..." He says and looks to his charms. "Well now that I know you can speak, do you have a name?" He says without looking at her, avoiding any kind of suspicion.

Again, who says I'm the wolf?the voice says sounding amused It is the most likely visible scapegoat though, call me Azeera

"Alright then whatever-you-are...

"Come on. It's this way." She moves at a slight run, avoiding most of the guards. She ducks down an alley and walks to the end of it. "Yo Sasha! Open up!" She glances at the others and grins when a young cat opens the door. "Miss me?"
"Not in the slightest. Friends?" Zora nods and Sasha ushers them in.

Looks at Sasha and wags tail.

Felicity smiles at Sasha, "Haven't seen a feline in a while."

Hack stops short at the sight of the cat, a strange glare in his eye before he shakes it off.

Zora hugs and kisses Sasha. "Guys this is Sasha, she's an old friend of the family. Wynter here?"
"Haven't seen him in a few days. Come on you guys look starved come sit down." She ushers them to an empty table and Zora lounges against a nearby wall.

"I'm starved in a different way... You seem nice, maybe you can help with that." Felicity gives Sasha a cute smile.

Zora smirks slightly at Sasha's look of confusion. "Oh come on Sash, you've lived around me and Wynter long enough. You should know what she means haha."

Hack lets his tongue slip out the side of his mouth, slightly put off. He sits by the table and waits patiently.

"I promise to not drain you that much... If i do, then at least I can work my... power... It's a little experimental but it has worked 100% of the time." Sasha looks a little more confused and concerned.

Azeera covers her face with one paw

(like this, but not a cat

Zora goes behind Hack and gently rubs his shoulders. "While those two are flirting,what do you want me to get you to eat? I know my way around a kitchen."

"I'm not flirting... That implies subtlety..."

"Meh close enough." Zora smiles and sticks her tongue out at Felicity.

His skin turning dark green again Hack nervously says, "Um...any kind of meat will do just fine." He forces a smile as Azeera furrows her brow at him.

Felicity gives Sasha a hug, "It's so hard to resist it right now... So many people here, so many i could just take from..."

"Oh so hard to not make a remark about that one. I'll be back soon sweetie." She lightly pats his head and disses appears into the kitchen.

Hack buries his face in his palms, "Oh why..." He mutters as he can hear four voices cackling yet again.

Azeera tilts her head quizzically at Hack. Then she walks over to a shadow and disappears.

Zora comes out a little later with a plate. Steak, fish and pork sit on it. She brings out a glass of mead as well. "I just kind of guessed on what to get." She sits it down in front of Hack, kisses him and goes back to lurking by the wall.

Azeera walks back in from a shadow with a couple of rabbits in her mouth.

Staring at the shadow Azeera just hopped in Hack goes wide eyed, thinking as loud as he can in hopes of her hearing him he says, "Wait! Where do you think you're going?!"

His attention is quickly caught by the steaming hot plate of food in front of him, without a second thought he dives in snout first and completely ravages the meal, tearing the meat to shreds and licking whatever juice remains with his lightning fast tongue in a matter of seconds.

Finishing the meal with a monstrous belch and a smile of content.

"Remind you of someone Zora?" Sasha smirks slightly and crosses her arms.
"Oh shut up Sash. He's nothing like Wynter. Hack is sweeter. Hehe probably in more ways than one." She grins and winks at Hack.

Azeera looks around with the two(dead)rabbits in her mouth, and walks into the kitchen.

Ignoring Zora's little quip he asks, "So what's the story with you two?"

"Us two as in me and Sash or me and Wynter? Or something else entirely?"

Felicity takes Sasha's hand and leads her to a different room, searching for a more private space.

Zora grins slightly and yells."Y'all two better be quiet in there!"

"I have certain things to help with being quiet." Felicity winks as she leaves the room to do certain things with Sasha

As Felicity and Sasha vanish behind the curtain Hack says to Zora, "Let's hope the impending event leaves her a bit more stable for the coming days..." He starts picking out some meat scraps from his teeth with a fish bone. "No I just meant as in what's your history with this town?" Hack continues the conversation.

Zora sits next to Hack and traces idle lines on his leg. "My family used to live here....they were killed I front of me when I was three...Wynter found me. He trained me and we became notoriety grew here and I took many jobs. Virtually everyone knows the name Zora Whitefangs. Everyone knows who and what I am. I've taken every job given." She takes his hand and gently squeezes it. "You're really cute ya know. Almost wish you had found me instead of Wynter..." She trails off and small tears bead at her eyes. "I'm sorry...I'm getting all weird."

Hack sits petrified, completely unaware of what to do. ", there?" He stammers awkwardly.

Felicity returns a few minutes later, carrying a sleeping Sasha. "She was so cute, i might have gone a little overboard. But i feel better, at least. She should wake up in a few minutes, when she does she will feel drained; tell her to get a bit to eat and sleep it off." Felicity puts Sasha down on a chair and makes her way to the door. "I have something i must do."

Zora laughs softly. "You're so cute when you're uncomfortable.." She glances towards Felicity and a sleeping Sasha. "Have fun doing,whatever it is that needs to be done."

"Oh I will..." There is a somewhat sinister look on Felicity's face as she leaves the building.

Looking around the events transpiring, such as Zora coming onto him again, the hostess fast asleep and Felicity out doing maker knows what, Hack stretches his arms thoroughly and eyes a stack of hey in the corner.

"You know something, a filling meal like this really knocks you out. I think I´m just gonna...catch a few zeezums..." He says before dragging his tail to the corner.

Felicity walks around town, getting a mental map of the town. She avoids the guards for the most part. She eventually goes down an alleyway, though it seems chosen due to passing many similar to it. She walks a bit down the alleyway before knocking on 3 bricks in a certain order. The wall falls apart and she walks through, the wall reforming behind her. Inside she finds several robed people and speaks with them. She shows them her book etc. These people seem to be mages.

Azeera finds a cozy shadowed corner in the kitchen and curls up, leaving her rabbit bones near other trash from the day.

When Felicity returns, Everyone in the main room seems to be sleeping. She pads softly across the room. Those who are actually awake will see that her usually white fur is stained a faint red, primarily around the hands and mouth. She picks up Sasha as she goes, taking her to one of the bedrooms and laying her on the bed. Felicity sits beside her and pulls out a scroll of sorts, reading through it and deciphering the arcane script.

When Felicity returns, Everyone in the main room seems to be sleeping. She pads softly across the room. Those who are actually awake will see that her usually white fur is stained a faint red, primarily around the hands and mouth. She picks up Sasha as she goes, taking her to one of the bedrooms and laying her on the bed. Felicity sits beside her and pulls out a scroll of sorts, reading through it and deciphering the arcane script.

Nyx had begun meditating, concentrating their powers, and had zoned out as they rode their host. When they came to, they were unsure where the hell they were, and their tendrils waved uncertainly. Wolf? If they had felt capable of the range of emotion, their mental voice would have cracked.

Felicity shouts out after a minute to two; "That damned git! I would kill him again if I could be bothered!"

Yes?Azeera replies waking up. She then stretches and gives herself a good shake.

Zora bounces up from a dead sleep. "What? Huh? Who are we yelling at?"

Felicity storms out of the room she was in, obviously angry and the stains are still in her fur. "It doesn't matter..."

Hack snores peacefully, undisturbed by the racket.

Zora giggles slightly at Hacks snoring. Then she turns serious. "Are you sure? I will totally go kick some ass if need be."

"Can you kill dead people?"

"I will...totally find a way. I think Wynter used to talk about doing stuff like that.."

"I mean actually dead as in... Why do you think my fur is stained red?"

Zora facepalms at being so slow.

What happened while I was 'gone'? And where are we? Although they're paying attention again, and its obviously an inn, Nyx would rather like to know what city they're im, and what the hell their hosts are up to. At least they're getting along now.

We rode in a carriage to a town the winged wolf woman knows, where her mate is I think, and there we went to a place with a feline woman. The wolf woman is now calling the lizard alpha... Azeera says to Nyx

Felicity sits down on a couch, sighing. "I went there for a certain spell, killed for it, and I'm not sure if I got the right one..."

"Well what's the spell supposed to be or do?"

Azeera walks into the inn main area and lies down near Zora and Felicity.

Felicity pulls out her book and flips to a certain page. All of the letters seem to be of a different language and beyond that, they keep changing. "This spell... Once you cast it, you can understand it. Usually done with a deciphering spell, but none of mine work on this."

Zola peers over Felicity's shoulder at the book. "That looks so familiar but for the life of me I can't place it..."

As Zora and Felicity discuss her arcane dealings a jagged arrow flies out an open window, landing a bare inch above Hack's head. Awakening in the same instance Hack looks above his head beady eyed, breathing a sigh of hefty relief. He picks the arrow out and notices a small note stuck to it.

Opening the note Hack's eyes turn even beadier as he looks to Zora, "It's for you..."

Zora stiffens and slowly moves to take the note. She scans it slowly and grins slightly. "Oh you little fool..."

"This book has made its way over the world several times. You could have seen it from the person i got it from. Don't ask how i got it.

Azeera bristles slightly when the arrow flies through the window. She eyes the arrow warily as hack takes the piece of paper off and hands it to Zora.

"Trust me I won't ask." She grins. "Looks like I have a meeting with an old...friend of mine." A slightly crazed gleam enters her eyes.

"Oh? May i know who? And maybe meet them?"

"I have an idea..." Hack tiredly says and eyes the blood on Felicity's fur.

"Looks like Wynters back...I would advise not coming. He can be....odd around new people."

"Hack, i have had this book for over a decade." She huffs at him and then turns back to Zora, "But i like new people... ish... I can try to meet someone new."

"Oh pfft! Don't worry about it! I'll just stay here and...uh keep Felicity safe!" Hack erratically says and zips to her side, almost hiding behind her.

Zora gazes off into space for a moment. "All right. If he starts getting mad, I'd advise running....I'd hate to see you get hurt."

"I can escape easily. How else would I get this far?"

"Alright. You coming lizardboy?"

Hack looks between the two ladies and the jagged arrow on the floor, "" He stammers.

"Do it..." One of the voices whispers, not bothering to ask which one it is Hack responds, "Are you insane!? The guy will tear me to shreds within minutes of the meeting..."

"Do you trust us?" The voice asks. Hack doesn't respond.

"Then just do it..."

Hack swallows heavily and walks towards the door, "Lead the way..." He says and shivers.

Felicity hops to her feet, "Mind if i just change into something a little more comfortable? I will catch up, don't worry."

Inadvisable action Lizard. Pretend you have a stomach ache or some other excuse. Or at least don't act agressive or meet his eyes. Azeera says to Hack.

Zora smiles and puts her arm around Hacks shoulder. "Don't worry I'll protect you." She lowers her voice and whispers. "I don't think you realize just how attractive it is when you're scared..." She takes his hand and leads him out the door. "Alright. Come whenever your ready."

Felicity runs into the room where Sasha is sleeping. "Hey. just gonna..." There is a poof sound and Felicity runs out, in a tube top and shorts, "See ya!" She runs to catch up with Hack and Zora, making up what little time she lost.

azeera gets up and darts out the door after the trio

After entering a murky part of town Hack's heart beats with the pace of a mouse, while he's able to hide that the same can not be said for his constantly twitching tail or strained eyes as he looks to practically every corner of this slum, trying to spot Wynter.

"You sure that's an appropriate get-up for a place like this?" Hack says to Felicity in an attempt to get his mind off the fear.

"We'll be fine. Don't worry. Besides, this feels more comfortable. Not even mentioning certain protections i put in place." She starts flicking through her book again, muttering things to herself rather quietly.

Zora starts singing.
"What was once so soft and quiet,
once so innocent and pure.
Claim a hood of blood, a sword of silver.
Race forward into the dark without a care, Like a Lioness on the hunt, skilled and precise.
Hide in street corners and in plain site.
We know what you are, O faithful servant of darkness.

Hide under your veil of lies and blood; and knock the time back.
Whispers in the dark a silent creed.
The howl of the wind a calling;
the thrill and excitement of a midnight chase.
Glittering diamonds twinkle overheard,
and you're sent sprawling into the glass of small white lies broken;
which gently kisses your feet and tickles your nerves as you fall deeper.." Partway through a deeper voice joins in.

"Ultra violet waves lure you into a soft slumber; a soft humming embraces your ears; a sound of soft battle and liquid strength; Your creator.
He watches you sleep from fatigue and weakness afar; curious but not trusting you enough to not attack him if he approached;

The sound of a lone wolf calling to the full moon,
the wind brushing and weaving its way through the overgrown ferns and forests.
A soft sounding sound that lures you into a much needed sleep;
Your lullaby.

The lullaby of a killer,
a machine bred and raised for removing the plagued leaders of the world.
But you are misunderstood, O' faithful one.
They blame you for the darkness.
When all you truly are is a person trying to make the world a bit better.
Rest well Assassin, your job for today is done."
"Hello Zora."
"Wynter."he steps out of the shadows. Wings of silver and gold rest on his back and he smirks, something one doesn't normally see on an elf. His skin is a pale blue, truly his name fits him.

"H-Hiiiii!" Felicity seems a little shaky all of a sudden, due to meeting someone new.

Wynter raises a brow. "So this is who you've been hanging with. She's pretty cute." He reaches a hand out and Zora jumps in front of him, quickly slamming him back. "Don't. Touch. Her."

Azeera tilts her head at in the elf's direction with a look of curiosity.

Hack's eyes halfway pop out as one twitches erratically, "He's- He's- He's an elf?!" Before he can stop his tongue from flapping Hack can practically feel Azeera facepalming behind him.

Azeera walks over in front of Felicity and stands looking warily at Wynter.

Zora laughs softly. "You're such a dork."
Wynter growls faintly. "Why do I feel like I've been replaced?"
"Shut up. What exactly do you want?"
"To help you."

Having shut his own mouth by hand, Hack takes a step behind Zora, his fear renewed.

She tightens her grip on his throat. "I know you. You don't help people. You use them and leave." She puts up a small protective circle around Hack and Felicity. "Now you better talk fast."
"Everyone knows what you did. Well I suppose they don't or they would have left you by now. I want to help you get somewhere safe." He steals a small kiss and Zora bitchslaps him.
"Never do that again."

Hack looks at Felicity who strangely enough still has a look of interest toward Wynter, "Okay seriously? The nice cat lady wasn't enough? You gotta go after some elf-beef too?"

Wynter whispers something in Zoras ear and she roughly shoves him away. "Stay the hell away. I thought it could be different. We don't need your help."
"Oh but you do, see I'm coming with or I'll tell them what you did." Zora stiffens.

"Hack... I'm not that bad... I just try and push myself to meet new people. It's what wanted me to do." She smiles a bit before remembering she still has her blood stained fur openly showing and looks down a bit. "Zora, i don't mind what you did. You have been nice to me so far."

Hack eyes Zora with a strange expression, a mix of sudden distrust and sympathy. "What's he talking about Zora?"

"It's nothing."
"If it's nothing them tell them."
"I can't. I won't. It's for my own safety. You can come with us but the moment you start to say anything I will kill you."

Felicity mutters something, now giving Wynter a cold glare. She closes her book loudly and a single word can be heard from it, though it seems to be of a different language; "Loreat.."

Hack doesn't seem all that concerned with whatever Zora's done, with an assassin's career there was bound to be a heap of bad memories in baggage. He is concerned however with the nasty look he gets from Wynter as Zora turns her back.

Felicity turns her back on Wynter, waiting for him to strike as she feels he will. There is a faint blue sheen on her fur and clothes, barely noticable due to the colouring of her fur and clothes.

Azeera walks over to Zora and bumps her hand with her head, then fixes a cold stare at Wynter.

Zora rubs Azeera then leads them out and down the main road, "we need supplies first, then we skip town."

"Skip town? You mean we are leaving?" Felicity is pouting at Zora.

Hurrying to Zora's side Hack asks, "And where exactly are we going from there? The whole reason we came to this place in the beginning was to hide from the capital."

Zora glares at Hack. "Don't start. I know many places, most have more people like me and we can hide more easily. Come or stay in all honesty I don't care."

Caught aback by Zora's sudden snark Hack backs down a bit, tapping his claws together nervously. Wynter suddenly strides past him, flashing a smirk as he replaces him at Zora's side.

Zora growls at Wynter and roughly shoves him away when he tries to touch her. "Don't." She looks at Hack, silently apologizing for snapping.

"I don't want to leave Sasha behind... She... I just don't want to leave her behind..." Felicity seems really flustered, looking to her side where she can see a different cat person, "L-Lexa...?" This person is only visible to her, being an illusion of her book. She starts wandering off to the side, following the illusion. "Lexa! Don't leave!"

"Sasha can come. It won't be safe for here here, and-hey! Where are you going!?" Zora follows Felicity.

Felicity stops at the entrance of a dark Alleyway, staring into it. "LEXA!" She seems extremely distressed. "D-Don't go... I... i need you..."

Hack just stands still for a bit, feeling a familiar feeling in his chest as Zora and her mate show no intention of waiting for him. Felicity gives him a sad look as she follows them, as does Azeera, at least he thinks so.

"And just what was the point of this?" Hack asks as he feels a shadowy presence. "To prove to you just how foolish this endavour was." Another charm appears before Hack's eyes, far more menacing than Blaze. "Pitch..." Hack whispers.

"The others and I agreed you'd been fantasizing long enough, so now you can go back to your real life and do what you do best. Don't try and tell me that this was in some way an eye opening experience...they would eventually betray you in a way far worse than what you're feeling now..."

Hack's expression droops into sorrow. "It's time to face the facts little one, you were not made for family..."
Pitch vanishes in a poof of black smoke, leaving Hack alone as rain starts to fall on him.

narrows her eyes at Wynter, and grumbles before dashing after Zora and Felicity.

Zora runs behind her, hugs her from behind. She gently nuzzles her neck. "Hey. It's alright. We can find..Lexa." She lets her go and looks around. "Wait. Where's Hack?!" She starts to panic as the rain falls. "Hack!" She sprints off leaving the other two behind, "HACK!! Where are you?!" She sprints blindly down the road until she quite literally runs into him. She knocks him over and they briefly roll on the ground. They end up side by side and she pants softly. "Hack...." On impulse she kisses him. "Don't worry me like that..."

Felicity seems a bit surprised by Zora, she had seemed lost in her own little world. She follows after Zora, her eyes glowing purple as she whimpers quietly.

With nothing but a blank look in his eyes Hack says, "Well that was spontaneous..."

Felicity keeps glancing around, as if expecting someone to appear. She keeps a tight grip on her book and she seems a little panicked and upset. "Z-Zora... I need to.... I need to go see Sasha..."

She lifts him up and shakes him roughly. "Don't. Worry. Me. Like. That!" She looks at Felicity and Azeera. "That goes for both of you too." She drags them down and hugs everyone except Wynter. "Mmm my little dorks.." She grins and kisses Hack again. "Hehe nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain right?" She lets Felicity go. "Go. Go see her."

As Zora turns her back Hack is still completely shellshocked, though not quite enough to not to give Wynter a sudden smirk of his own. His glee is dulled somewhat as he hears Pitch's voice.

"This changes nothing...I granted you a favor and you've cast it away...believe me boy, when the day comes you´ll beg for the hurt you felt today..."

Felicity runs off back to the place they slept at to see Sasha

Azeera follows behind Felicity flashing from shadow to shadow.

Upon arriving back at the building, Felicity runs inside and immediately hugs Sasha, bursting into tears. "I... I n-need you and Lexa.... D-dont go.... Please..." Sasha hugs Felicity, confused as to what brought on this.
"Its okay. I won't leave." Felicity nods slowly,
"Th-thank you..."

She growls at Wynter and shoos him away, then she turns back to Hack and gently takes one of his hands. "Please don't scare me like that you.."

Felicity sits down on a sofa, "Y-you remind me of someone I lost... Can... Can I tell you a secret...?" Sasha nods and sits beside Felicity. "I.... I accidentally killed someone I love... I have their soul in my spell book for when I can resurrect them..." Sasha seems rather shocked,
"Okay... I guess I can understand that."

Azeera pokes her head in the building and sees Felicity and Sasha sitting on a sofa. She makes a querying noise at Felicity.

"O-oh... Hey, Wolfie..." Felicity seems to be calming down again slowly, her eyes returning to being yellow. "You okay?"

Perks her ears foreward and tilts her head to the side while looking at Felicity.

"You understand right? I'm not just imagining it? Come here, I wanna give you a fuss."

With amusement glittering in her eyes Azeera walks the rest of the way into the inn... and lies down in the doorway. She looks at Felicity and tilts her head to the side.

Felicity walks over to Azeera and runs her hand through her fur, petting her gently in a caring manner.

Azeera puts her head down and sighs, swishing her tail slightly on the ground.

"What? I'm sorry... Do you want me to treat you more like one of us? I can do that." Felicity adopts a less condescending position to stroke Azeera from, "That better?"

Azeera sneezes Here I was attempting to act like an normal animal... Subterfuge is not my strong point.Says Azeera in Felicity's mind.

Felicity seems shocked. "I just... I do this with most creatures to be honest..." Sasha gives her a strange look before going off to do some tasks. Felicity sits down next to Azeera, "So... What is it like being a wolf?"

Azeera sighs I don't know, what's it like being a fox? Looks around the inn Wasn't Zora following us?

"I think she was. But she should be with Hack, so that's alright. And being a fox is pretty nice, until you get chased by a farmer. Would you feel better if I took on my natural form?"

Whatever shock left in Hack's eyes now comes back in full force in reaction to Zora's words. For a moment it looks like he's about to hyperventilate or even suffocate, until somewhere deep in his subconscious an old defense mechanism of his kicks in;

"Aw thanks, I love ya too. You may be the best friend I've ever had..." He casually says and gives Zora a quick hug, he then stands up and motions to the inn. As he walks towards it though he still feels like he's choking, not to mention thoroughly confused.

Felicity closes her eyes, a mist forming around her. A few clicks of bones can be heard from inside the mist. When it disappears a few seconds later it reveals Felicity as a small 3 tailed fox, identical fur to before. She speaks without her mouth moving, "Is this okay?"

Azeera snorts again There's no problem with the form, why would changing form affect how I view you?

"I don't know. This is just more natural and I don't have to lean down to speak to you. Besides; I'm cuter this way." She smiles in the best way a fox can, nuzzling Azeera's neck. "You are a kinda cute Wolfie." She starts to walk off, "I'm gonna get Sasha." She follows where Shasha had gone, going into one of the bedrooms, and rubs her side against Sasha's leg, "Come on. Zora is waiting for us, or at least on her way. We are going out of town I think. I want to bring you because you help me not snap." Sasha seems confused, and walks towards the door,
"What do you mean?"
"Zora can explain it better."

Hmm... I promised someone I would try to act like a normal unintelligent animal....Didn't promise no talking but I think it was implied....Azeera gets up and waits for Felicity to come back with Sasha.


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