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Post by Ebony on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:04 am

random song lyrics you love a lot doesn't need to have a reason
My angel close your eyes, I'll be your lover tonight
Pitiful lullaby, I'll be your lover tonight)

My own misery is taunting me
The air stings my lungs, I can barely see
Wicked eyes surrounding me, the trees are watching silently
I could try to run but baby, what's the point?

(I may never know)
I don't see the point
(Why I let you go)

My body is aching (I'm losing my mind)
There's nothing to hold onto
My angel close your eyes, I'll be your lover tonight
I'm tired of trying (I'm sick of the waiting)
If there's nothing that I can do
A pitiful lullaby to sing the tortured to sleep

We could settle down and change the end
Nothing but time, start over again
All the little things you do that made me fall in love with you
Have led me to this, a bittersweet abyss

tw selfharm:
she would paint a lovely picture but there's a shocking twist. The paintbrush is a lighter and the canvas is her wrist...
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