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Post by Hissarray on Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:11 pm

On the side of drawing I also fancy myself a writer, and the people on this site tend to provide ample amounts of inspiration. As a direct result I've started something of a story featuring myself and my good friends, Ebony, Shadow, Felicity and Ceezah.

If this goes anywhere at all odds are I'll add more people and of course post something else of interest should I find it clever and/or witty enough to share.

So to start us off I have the OTHF Sci-Fi project, set in a futuristic academy in the ramshackle town of Malford. Me and the people mentioned above attend the academy of Malford and cause all sorts of interesting shenanigans. The characters are as follows...

Harcaal Veng (Me)
A rebellious youngster with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Harcaal or Harc for short is a Lyzaar, a reptilian species not native to this corner of the galaxy. Despite his outlandish appearance in comparison to most aliens Harc is exceptionally street wise and clever, though that usually doesn‘t stop his mouth from getting him into trouble.

Zora Galstrom (Ebony)
Miss Galstrom is the chairman of the school council, a perfect A student and a role model to all. Except for one tiny detail...
Zora has severe anger issues which can arise at even the slightest provocation, being a Neoryx, a war-like race of canines she has difficulty coping with Malford‘s laid back society at times and must find ways to went her aggression. Wether that involves spending hours at the dojo or chasing critters in the park is usally up to her.

Stefarra (Shadow)
Stefarra is an oddity in Malford, not only is she an alien but an interdimensional one too. Coming from a dimension of eternal shadow she is unable to survive in ours without the help of her proton-suit, an ingenious invention created by a friend of her adopted family.

Feryine (Felicity)
One of the more secluded members of the student council, Feryine is a rather quiet girl who spends most her time in the academy‘s library. Despite this she displays an odd array of abilites such as great acting skills and physical finesse. A mystery to most students her racial heritage is unknown but her features include a coat of white fur and strange blue markings, making some wonder if she belongs to a species of mentalists.

C.4.3.S.3.R. (Ceezah)
Caeser was once a state of the art educational droid, with over forty thousand years‘ worth of memory storage in his data banks, housing an immense library of history. Until one day when he decided to add one more year of knowledge to his memory card, Caeser broke down instantly and was deemed unfit for scholarly service. He know serves Malford academy as a janitor, occasionally granting bits of wisdom when his data banks kick in.
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Post by Ceezah on Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:56 pm

Ha! Perfect! I hope my character will nudge out pop culture references specifically from the 90's and poor wikipedia edits long forgotten in the ''darkside'' of the internet.

Also I'd like him to bother people about school hygiene at the most improper moments of danger and destruction to accidentally save the day.
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Hissarray's Literary Nonsense Empty Re: Hissarray's Literary Nonsense

Post by Shadow on Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:09 pm

I like how you describe me. I might draw stefarra.


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Hissarray's Literary Nonsense Empty Re: Hissarray's Literary Nonsense

Post by Hissarray on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:35 pm

A short prologue story set in my Sci-Fi Universe, completely unrelated to the OTHF bit.

Tygaal Veng and the Marlak Hunt

Tygaal shook his head as he was met with blurry vision and dulled hearing, it didn’t long for his head to catch up as he was suddenly blasted with an awful headache. He felt his hands tied behind his back and quickly realized that the pixels dancing in front of him were the texture of a bag over his face.
“Let’s see. Bag over my head, hands securely tied…last memory is a bottle of cider in a filthy bar. This should be good.” Tygaal thought to himself as he heard noises close to him.

“He’s awake I think…” Someone said in a rough voice. Tygaal felt hands raising him to his feet as he could hear more people entering whatever hovel they were in. “Hey lizard, you conscious?” Another guy asked and tapped his nose. “You know, you guys are just geniuses, see without this bag here you would’ve lost a finger!” Tygaal said in the most ironically cheery way he could.

“I’ll take that as a yes…” The guy said and in an instant Ty was being pushed out of what he believed was a tent. As they left he was met with fresher air and the smell of a recent campfire, whatever these clowns wanted with him he suspected they were working on someone’s behalf.

The lyzaar and his captors walked for what seemed like hours, and from what Ty could tell they were on a planet as mucky as Spacker’s feet. They’d been wading through grass, swamp and bark…yes bark. As if they’d been walking up a tree Tygaal could feel his talons scratching against the wood, not to mention smell the wood.

“Look guys if you’re gonna have me kidnapped, tied up and blindfolded, at least tell me where we’re going.” Ty casually said to his captors. “We’re not going anywhere…we’re simply here to guide you.” A new voice said, far darker and malicious in tone.

“To your boss then? Or my death perhaps?” Tygaal replied. “Yes.” The captor simply said.
“Oh that’s good…wait to which question was that?” Tygaal asked, a first hint of nervousness in his voice. Suddenly the pack stopped and Ty’s bag was removed. It took a moment for his eyes to get used to the sunlight but the minute they did they widened by an inch, whatever planet they were on it certainly didn’t look much like any he’d seen.

First off the sky was nowhere to be seen as canopy covered everything above them, with trees truly as big as skyscrapers all around them. Tygaal could hardly tell if it was day or night as only bare patches of sunlight made it through the thick canopy.

It also took him a moment to realize that they all stood on an enormous root, well that explained the bark. All of this bore resemblance to the swamps on Tsuban except ten times bigger.
Ty also took in his captors; they were not at all what he’d expected. He’d been imaging a bunch of amateur goons hired by their low rent boss to kidnap him through sheer luck, which is exactly what it would have been.

But these guys were nothing like that…

Dressed in black leather cloaks and clad in armor which looked to made from bone of all things. With knives and poison canisters strapped to their belts, crossbows in their grips and nets around their waists, some of them even had an animal carcass or two slung over their shoulder. And to top this all off they had masks covering their faces, masks made from bone.

Ty looked at the one he assumed was their leader, an unsettling look on his face. “So…I take it this isn’t a traditional bounty hunt?” He asked nervously. As the question left Tygaal’s mouth a monstrous roar shook the enormous forest, causing birds to fly about in flocks.

The men in cloaks readied their weapons but their leader stood still, his lips forming into a smile beneath his cowl. “No…but it’s a hunt alright.”
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