Poems I've Made

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Poems I've Made

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:16 pm

Really sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. Here are some poems I've made:

Shush, little bird
Don't sing your song
It's night time now,
Let the moans fill your ears
They tremble and grumble
Those of the burrowing moonlight
Whisper, little bird
Sing your song lightly
As the sun softly comes up
Relieving those of pain
They sigh in joy
As you comfort them
Shout, little bird
It's day time now,
Let your song fill the air
And give peace to the hurt
For soon, it'll be nighttime again

Live in your dreams
Distill your screams
Silent the voices
Make the choices
Of living in delusions
Without live's illusions


River rushing by
soft winds whistle to young trees
joy of living life

Problem with living
is that whenever you live
something bad happens

Fox swapped life for fish
Merchant gave Death his family
Fools die off quickly

Hope you like 'em.



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