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RP Guide (read before posting) Empty RP Guide (read before posting)

Post by Shadow on Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:20 am

Welcome to the roleplaying section! Roleplaying is fun, a great way to make new friends, and improves your writing skills. It's easy to get started.


1. No godmodding. The only characters you control are your own, and sometimes NPC's. Your character can only try to hit another. They may dodge, or get hit according to how they want to control their character. Never kill, mutilate, or have a relationship with another character without checking with their roleplater first.
2. No Mary Sues. Your character shouldn't be perfect. Not everyone will love them, and they should have strengths and weaknesses.
3. Follow forum rules. Anything over graphic or triggering doesn't belong fully visible. Put it in a spoiler by deleting the spaces from this code: [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler ]. Make sure to put a trigger warning above it.
4. No double posting. Wait for the other roleplayers to respond as well. If you need to change something, edit your post.
5. One paragraph replies at LEAST. That means 4 sentences, and longer is better.
6. Let the topic starter accept you before you start. Don't just jump right in. They may ask you to change your character or wait for more roleplayers.
7. Follow the rules they state in the topic. They may add extra rules, like no OOC chat, or no character death. Be polite and follow them.
8. Out of character chat goes in double parentheses. And keep it to a minimum. ((Please!))

Character Creation

The basic format of a character sheet is as such:

Gender and Pronouns:
You start by giving your character a name. Names related to their traits or appearance are usually the coolest, but all names are good.
Gender can be undefined, but the pronouns are important so everyone can refer to them correctly.
Sexuality is optional, but if you want romance, you want to determine that.
Age is useful for personality and referring to them.
Species is obvious.
Appearance just means describe them. A sentence or two, or a picture, should cut it.
Personality has you describe their traits in another sentence or two. The most important are there, but feel free to develop their characters over the adventure.
In backstory simply put their history. It can be left a mystery if that's what they're like.
And finally, relationships. You can talk this out with another before creating them, or ask if any other characters would like to be their friend, significant other, or any other relationship.

Getting Started
The topic starter will give a basic summary of the roleplay, and once they say it's okay to start, they will set the scene with the first reply. Your character can jump in after that. If it's already started, you're still welcome to join. Just find a good spot for your character to enter the scene. Unless stated otherwise, you may have as many characters as you feel you can handle.

Creating a Roleplay

If you have a good idea for a group roleplay, go ahead and make it! It can be a fandom, fantasy, or anything else as long as it will be fun. If it takes a while to get started, don't worry. They take a while to get moving. All you have to do is put a summary, a character sheet, your characters, and wait for replies. Have fun!

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